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About MeasureMyEnergy

So why did we start MeasureMyEnergy? Consistently frustrated by unaccountably large energy bills, founder Ben Murphy set about researching into measuring exactly how much energy was being used and by what device, in both his home and office.

Finding the solution with the ‘itemised statement’ for his utility bills, at a circuit rather than building level, he thought other people and businesses should know this level of detail too. MeasureMyEnergy was born and already two years in is leading the market through bold innovation and execution

Anyone can meter the mains power, water or oil. But MeasureMyEnergy do it differently. We show you the energy consumption for every utility, at every minute of the day.

MeasureMyEnergy allows you to see an exact breakdown of when and where your energy is being consumed. At appliance or circuit level. In real time. And gives you the answers you need to save money. Recording every six seconds means you never miss a thing.

MeasureMyEnergy enables you to see when and where you are spending money on energy with our custom built, user-friendly, web based portal that helps you to reduce utility costs.

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A small, but rapidly growing, team have joined Ben on his quest to spread the when and where message, but with plans for Worldwide domination, we are always looking for more. Are you up for the challenge?


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Pssssstttttt…. Did we mention we’re the only ones who do what we do, as well as we do it? Globally. In real time. Some say we’re world leaders in what we do. We’d have to agree. But keep that to yourselves. We wouldn’t want to boast.