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In the cloud. Anytime, anywhere.

Our Global Energy Management Platform lets you easily monitor your utility usage in real time, across as many locations as you need. And for as many users as you wish to allocate.

Simplistic. The platform is simple enough for a child to use, productive for a CEO to make decisions and more than enough to astound your engineers with its depth of functionality and reporting. With proven savings, on average, of 30% there’s the cost savings which your finance department will definitely approve.

And because it’s cloud based, you can measure your energy at any time, any place.

What do we monitor?

We monitor everything that costs you money.

Anyone can meter the mains power, water or oil. But we do it differently. We can show you the energy consumption for every utility, at every minute of the day. And back to the first second you started the service. We do this at a building, sub-meter or circuit level.

We measure both electricity consumption and generation including Solar PV, Wind and Hydro. We can pretty much guarantee that we give more detail than anyone else in the industry.

  • Electricity

  • Solar

  • Circuit

  • Appliances

  • Cost

  • Gas

  • Water

  • Oil

  • Heat

  • CO2

  • Temperature

  • Sun

  • Wind

  • Hydro

  • Rainfall

Power to the people.

We shape your data into something that is easy for everyone to understand. With our simple-to-use, intuitive interface you can quickly see summaries of all your utility usage in real-time. And with multi-user access you can allow those people that are going to make a difference to see when and where they help make a change.

Save money.

Our platform shows you when and where you are spending money on energy. And how to save it. This can be as detailed as you need – even drilling down to look at specific circuit groups, or appliances, and compare historical periods. You’ll then be able to optimise your energy usage from this. Many customers see a return on their investment within just a few months.

Tomorrow is too late.

There are countless situations where an energy alert could save your business time, money and reputation. Opt for consumption or event-based alerts that will come to you via email, SMS or automatic integration into your job queue management system. With MeasureMyEnergy, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Lights on, but no one’s home. Or at work.

Wouldn’t you like to know where your business could save energy in its ‘out of office’ hours? Our extensive platform can help your engineers and maintenance teams keep up to date, around the clock.

Switching your lights off out of hours can see immediate savings of 30% from your energy bill

Real-Time intelligence.

Our Global Energy Management (GEM) Platform let’s you easily monitor your utility usage in real-time, capturing data every six seconds ensures you never miss a thing. You need to know what’s happening now, to enable you to action it immediately. Tomorrow really is too late.

Graphic detail.

Our graphs are zoomable with a resolution range from one year to one minute. They’re customisable to appear as bar-charts or line-graphs. You can see exactly what caused a change in your bill and when it happened. You can even group your appliances or circuits.

Here, there, everywhere. Localised Support.

We currently support 30 languages and 25 currencies making it easy for you to switch between these if you run a multi-national business. We support local timezones too which means your data is logged against local time, but is viewable from anywhere. Our Multi-site Management tool means you can view and manage all of your sites via one single login.