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Itemised bills for
your energy?

You wouldn’t accept an un-itemised bill from your supermarket, your mobile phone provider or your TV subscription – so why do we accept it from our energy providers?

MeasureMyEnergy allows you to see an exact breakdown of when and where your energy is being consumed. At appliance or circuit level. In real time. And gives you the answers you need to save money. Recording every six seconds means you never miss a thing.

When and where.

We show you when and where you spend your money on energy.
In three simple clicks.

The When

We show you how much energy is being used by your business and when it is being used.

The Where

The second click shows you a detailed view of the top ten items that are using energy at that time. You can highlight any individual item for specific detail.

The Spend

Split your consumption into working and non-working hours and immediately see the non-productive energy you consume. Break down your consumption into meaningful figures and plan effective campaigns to cut costs.

Change Behaviour, Reduce costs

Being able to see an exact breakdown of your energy and utility usage empowers you to see excess energy consumption, and then do something about it. And with unlimited users to access, there doesn’t just have to be one energy champion in the workplace! On average, we help customers to save around 30% of their annual energy bills and help them to make informed choices moving forward.

“Using MeasureMyEnergy has not only helped to prove the savings we were aiming to achieve, but has highlighted other areas of potential savings”.

Chief Engineer – Hilton London Gatwick