Knowledge is Power

Get real-time visibility with asset and device-level energy data. Empowering you with actionable insights that improve operational efficiency.

Get clrear reports that show you how much energy you have used. not just in kWh but also in your currency of choice.

Itemised bills for your energy


You wouldn’t accept an un-itemised bill from your supermarket, your mobile phone provider or your TV subscription - so why do we accept it from our energy providers?
We allow you to see an exact breakdown of when and where your energy is being consumed. At appliance or circuit level. In real time. And gives you the answers you need to save money.
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Knowledge is everything

We tell you how much energy you’re using in real time, allowing you to save money and resources. We don’t tell you what you already know – we tell you what you should know.
MeasureMyEnergy portal clearly shows you how much electrcity, water, gas, solar pv is being used and how much it is costing you.

Our Technology. Nobody does it better.

We design and manufacture our own range of intelligent energy meters that measure consumption at an asset and circuit level, that stream to our cloud platform in real-time, providing live alerts of spikes in usage
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Gain visibility in to your operations

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Energy efficiency

Clear visibility on your utility usage; see in real time devices that are wasting energy. Save up to 40% by reducing energy inefficiency and waste.
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Validate actual savings on your energy efficiency investments. Know exactly when you will get your ROI with accurate data and real time measurements. Calculate ROI on data and not promises.
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Added operational resilience

Set alerts to warn of unusual energy usage that can be a sign of pending device failure for preventative maintenance. Avoid costly down time and increase the life of critical assets.
Regulatory Compliance

Achieving regulatory compliance

MeasureMyEnergy provides companies with reliable real world data. Our reports can be used as evidence to support an application for ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.
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Renewable energy management

See how much power your renewable energy is contributing and when to use renewable or stored power for increased efficiency.
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Reducing your carbon footprint

While saving over 30% of your power is good for your pocket. Reducing your carbon footprint is good for the whole planet

Our Playground

We are used in a wide range of industries that benefit from our powerful solution that helps businesses reduce energy costs and improves business resilience.

“Using the MeasureMyEnergy system has identified areas where our BMS wasn’t working as it should and highlighted plant equipment that was beginning to fail.  I believe it to be a great asset to reducing energy and I would thoroughly endorse its use in any commercial property.”

Elliott Porter, Chief Engineer, Hilton London Gatwick

“The data has allowed us to validate our investment in clean energy technology, review our CO2 reduction programme and manage our energy in terms of consumption, identifying inefficiencies and delivering cost savings”

Maintenance Manager, Rutland Plastics

“Working alongside MeasureMyEnergy helped Samsonite to improve the indoor lighting environment and the energy performance of the shop, reducing the costs and the maximum demand by 30%.”

Dario Pizzarelli, Energy Management Consultant, UPL.

“The circuit level monitoring enables us to look into detail over individual rooms as well as common areas. Being able to double the living capacity without affecting the billed cost has been fantastic for us. Gaining engagement from the students will help us to further drive down these costs”

Gavin Bateman, Maintenance Manager, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge






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