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MeasureMyEnergy was started by Founder Ben Murphy out of frustration that utility companies were unable to give any information on why the monthly bill had increased other than to say. "You have used more this month." But when and where did this increase happen? Why could they not tell you this level of detail? Ben decided to find a way of itemising his utilities to answer these questions.

Appreciating that the technology did not yet exist to itemise an energy bill, Ben set to work designing the solution. It quickly became apparent that despite being energy-conscious in principle, having the new level of detail allowed Ben to take targeted steps to reduce consumption immediately and at zero-cost. His bills dropped significantly.

He then realised that this principle could be applied to businesses and that the technology would empower them to take back control of their energy consumption. Thus saving them money and reducing their environmental impact. MeasureMyEnergy was born! We have been helping businesses reduce their consumption ever since.

Realising that the technology solution did not exist to solve the problem, Ben and his team set to work from first principles of electricity, fundamentally creating a revolutionary new type of electricity meter.

It was clear that the solutions that were currently available, were cost-prohibitive for most users and that the level of detail required was not possible. So a fresh approach needed to be adopted.

Using skills learned in the internet automation industry and with the help of electronics geniuses, Ben and his team completely redefined what is possible in the  sub-meter market by designing a real-time streaming, high-density electricity meter.

This new type of meter was not only on a different planet in terms of functionality to the incumbent offerings, it was significantly cheaper to supply making it available to more and more businesses.







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