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Distribution companies face a range of operational concerns. With large warehouses with internal and external lighting, refrigeration and heating, their energy demands are high. If these assets are not managed correctly they can lead to huge electricity bills at the end of the month.

MeasureMyEnergy has shown many distribution businesses areas where they are wasting money and where a few asset upgrades led to significant savings

With a large busy distribution business it is easy during day to day operation to forget about the affect of energy usage on profitability. With internal and external lighting, blow heaters, refrigeration and boilers. There are some energy guzzlers that can potentially cost distribution businesses significant amounts to run per month.

With MeasureMyEnergy we can clearly show you when and where you are spending money on energy and highlight the worst offenders. In many cases a few operational changes can lead to huge savings. This could be switching off lights in low footfall areas or changing the charging patterns of mobile refrigeration units or forklifts. This has already saved some companies hundreds of pounds per month.

MeasureMyEnergy can also be used as validation on your environmental investments. By having a clear understanding of how much energy your lighting system uses for example, means that should you invest in replacement led lighting that you will be able to clearly calculate your return on investment and ensure you are getting the expected savings from your purchase.

See how Castell Howell saved over £8000 per year at just one of their sites by using MeasureMyEnergy.


  • Maintenance alerts - Our real time alerts can be set to warn you when equipment starts to behave unexpectedly. With advanced notification hardware failures can be avoided.

  • To the minute energy usage – Clear visibility into what is using energy in your business. Set out of hour working to see at a glance what is wasting energy when you are closed.

  • Operational savings – By knowing what is using energy and when means you can make an environmental plan to replace energy thirsty lighting and clearly see the before and after effects.

  • Detailed reporting – Using MeasureMyEnergy reports can be used as evidence for achieving ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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“At Castell Howell, we are committed to improving our environmental impact. MeasureMyEnergy has given us the ability to monitor and improve our energy use and set targets for our environmental policy. It is particularly useful when we consider installing new equipment as it gives the ability to easily check any ROI a contractor proposes.”

Matt Lewis, Director of Operations for Castell Howell Foods Ltd









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