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MeasureMyEnergy will help healthcare facilities to run more efficiently. With ever constant demands on your tight budget, significant saving can be made through your energy management.  In some cases over 30% can be saved.

You can also set up alerts to warn you if any of your critical assets start unexpectedly using more or less power than they should be. Or if they are left on out of hours or being used unexpectedly.

Hospitals are faced with constant budget cuts and pressures to find ways of reducing costs but their main focus is ensuring they still provide the expected level of care for their patients. MeasureMyEnergy has helped to reduce power usage by 30%. This is a significant sum of money that can be freed up to provide additional investment into patient care.

By educating staff and identifying power hungry assets, hospitals can easily identify with MeasureMyEnergy areas where they can save and reduce power usage. This could be from turning off equipment that is not being used or switching off lights in rooms that have intermittent usage.

MeasureMyEnergy also offers the additional benefit of monitoring equipment and appliances for out of tolerance energy usage. This can often be a sign that equipment might require maintenance. By being able to identify this increase means it is often possible to identify a pending equipment health issue before it fully breaks down. In a hospital that can mean ensuring less equipment down time and reduces patient inconvenience.


  • Maintenance alerts - Our real time alerts can be set to warn you when equipment starts to behave unexpectedly. With advanced notification hardware failures can be avoided.

  • To the minute energy usage – Clear visibility into what is using energy in your business. Set out of hour working to see at a glance what is wasting energy when you are closed.

  • Operational savings – By knowing what is using energy and when means you can make an environmental plan to replace energy thirsty lighting and clearly see the before and after effects.

  • Detailed reporting – Using MeasureMyEnergy reports can be used as evidence for achieving ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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