How would your hotel benefit from MeasureMyEnergy?


Do your housekeeping team find the air-conditioning running in the conference centre at 9pm, when the delegates all left at 4pm?

Does your kitchen spend just as much money preparing dinner as it did last night, even though there are only half as many covers?

Is the first sign of a fault for you when a guest complains of a cold shower in the morning?

Seeing where you are spending and wasting money, as well as real time alerts for your engineering team, could reduce your bills by over 30%

With MeasureMyEnergy you gain visibility on what is using energy, water and gas, across all of your sites, in real time. This can save you time and money in your daily operation. With our portal you can see at a glance if an air-conditioning unit, lights and projector is still on in an events room that should be empty. Someone can then go straight to that room to switch it off and without needlessly having to check every room on the way.

You can also see if ovens (gas or electric) are being left on during times dedicated for preparation of food rather than cooking. You could set up alerts to warn you if the freezers or refrigeration units suddenly start using more energy. This could be an indication that a door has been left open or worse that there is a maintenance issue that needs to be looked at before a full break down occurs.

This also applies to the boiler room and air-conditioning units. Any variation in power usage will send an alert either via SMS, email or via automatic integration into your job queue management system. Avoiding that call from a disgruntled guest who has found their morning shower is cold.

See how Gatwick Hilton saved over 27% on their energy usage and how their maintenance teams benefited from using MeasureMyEnergy to monitor appliance trends and highlight potential issues.


  • Maintenance alerts - Our real time alerts can be set to warn you when equipment starts to behave unexpectedly. With advanced notification hardware failures can be avoided.

  • To the minute energy usage – Clear visibility into what is using energy in your business. Set out of hour working to see at a glance what is wasting energy when you are closed.

  • Operational savings – By knowing what is using energy and when means you can make an environmental plan to replace energy thirsty lighting and clearly see the before and after effects.

  • Detailed reporting – Using MeasureMyEnergy reports can be used as evidence for achieving ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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“Using MeasureMyEnergy has not only helped to prove the savings we were aiming to achieve, but has also highlighted other areas of potential savings.”

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