Ben Murphy2

Ben Murphy

Founder and Managing Director


Ben built his first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 1999 and shortly afterwards started working with Richard Jay, where they started murphx Innovative Solutions. The company provided managed and wholesale services to the telecommunications market, with their key differentiator being their automated software platform. Growing rapidly, murphx was twice listed in TechTrack 100, before selling the business in 2010.  Ben enjoyed a little bit of R&R before then embarking upon his next project; MeasureMyEnergy, which already two years in is leading the market through bold innovation and execution.
Ben’s vision for MeasureMyEnergy is one filled with passion and belief, and he drives his growing team forward with his charismatic and captivating style of management. Ben’s plan to actively sell MeasureMyEnergy products across all corners of the globe means his plans for Worldwide domination are not too far out of reach.
When not working crazy hours in the office, Ben’s passion for cars and snow takes him to the racetrack or deep in to the mountains with his snowboard. For relaxation, if that’s a word in his vocabulary, Ben enjoys chilling out with friends, glass of red in hand.