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Grow your business and your product portfolio with MeasureMyEnergy.

We work with our partners to ensure we have strong, long term relationships. With each partner having a dedicated contact who will understand you, your business and your customers needs in order to help deliver optimised productivity and energy management.

benefiting you

Benefiting you and your customers

  • MeasureMyEnergy provides additional and complementary benefits to your customers.
  • Create new revenue streams by adding our scalable, easy to install and easy to sell solution to your portfolio.
  • Refer customers to us and when they implement, MeasureMyEnergy pay you a percentage.
  • Resell MeasureMyEnergy to your customers. Our platform and documentation can be customised with your branding.
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Programme benefits.

MeasureMyEnergy will reward your growth, help encourage your sales potential and support your efforts to retain and attract new customers. MeasureMyEnergy have prepared tailor-made benefits to reward excellent performance and offer volume discounts for our most productive sellers.

Solar PV

Are you a renewable energy installer?

For companies that resell and install renewable power solutions, MeasureMyEnergy can give you an extra differentiator. MeasureMyEnergy would be able to tell your customers exactly how much energy their solution is generating, when it is generating and if you are producing excess energy, how much is being sent to the national grid.
Include MeasureMyEnergy into your product offering to complete your product range.
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Solar PV






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