Compact. Scalable. Versatile.

Our Power Distribution Monitor is easy to install and able to monitor electrical circuits, assets and sub-meters. Measure your power usage to the minute; every minute and all the way back to when you started the service.




Intel Gathering

Intelligence gathering

Our Power Distribution Monitor measures energy at mains, sub-meter or at circuit and asset level.

The PDM securely streams consumption data to our cloud-based platform in real-time. Providing valuable and timely insight in to where and when your business is using energy.

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Compact and Expandable

Measure energy graph

Measure consumption at circuit and asset level

Secure streaming

Securely streams data in real-time

Circuit Monitoring

Our high specification PDM’s can measure from tens of circuits to thousands of circuits within a building. It’s the equivalent of having 36 electricity meters streaming live, within the physical space of two.

circuit monitoring


Size does matter! Measure up to 36 single-phase or 12 three-phase circuits with a single multi-channel meter that measures a mere 220mm x 220mm; that’s less than the size of one typical meter in an enclosure/Smart Meter.
Touch Safe


PDMs can be installed within LV switch-rooms and/or on every distribution boards around the building; regardless of size.
Monitor single-phase or three-phase circuits, from 10A to 3000A.


The PDM operates as a gateway for other energy and building sensors. Measure Gas, Water, Heat, Temperature, Air quality and more with external expansion accessories.


Pulse Counter

Pulse Counter

Want to measure Gas, Water or any other zero-volt pulse output device. This internal module supports up to 2x pulse inputs.
Temp Input Sensor

4-20mA Input Sensor

Want to measure Indoor/Outdoor temperature, temperature of water within pipe-work, This internal module supports up to 2x 4-20mA sensors.

Digital I/O

Need to know when the gas valve slams-shut? Or maybe when the warehouse door is left open for a prolonged period? Perhaps you need to request your PV inverter restricts output or to start a generator? This module supports up to 4 digital inputs or outputs.
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PDM Tech Specs



Mains AC Voltage Monitoring
Monitors Mains Power Consumption (single and three-phase)
Monitors 12,24 or 36 Individual Circuits (single and three-phase)
10/100 Ethernet port
LCD Status Display
Serial Data Port for Installers
Expansion Port for Additional Sensors

Size and Weight

PDM Features
PDM Base
straight on both sides small

“Using the MeasureMyEnergy system has identified areas where our BMS wasn’t working as it should and highlighted plant equipment that was beginning to fail.  I believe it to be a great asset to reducing energy and I would thoroughly endorse its use in any commercial property.”

Elliott Porter, Chief Engineer, Hilton London Gatwick

“The data has allowed us to validate our investment in clean energy technology, review our CO2 reduction programme and manage our energy in terms of consumption, identifying inefficiencies and delivering cost savings”

Maintenance Manager, Rutland Plastics

“Working alongside MeasureMyEnergy helped Samsonite to improve the indoor lighting environment and the energy performance of the shop, reducing the costs and the maximum demand by 30%.”

Dario Pizzarelli, Energy Management Consultant, UPL.

“The circuit level monitoring enables us to look into detail over individual rooms as well as common areas. Being able to double the living capacity without affecting the billed cost has been fantastic for us. Gaining engagement from the students will help us to further drive down these costs”

Gavin Bateman, Maintenance Manager, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge

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