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By working with MeasureMyEnergy, we will help you reduce your energy spend by up to 40%. We can also benefit restaurants by measuring water and gas usage, water purity levels, Co2 levels and temperature.

You can also set up alerts to warn you if any of your critical assets start unexpectedly using more or less power than they should be. For example, a refrigerator could be using more power due to someone leaving the door open. Alternatively, it could be a sign that there is a faulty thermostat. Either way you will be warned before it becomes a costly issue.

Restaurants are faced with delivering high quality food consistently every day. With everyone in the team focused on quality food and great customer service this can often mean that no one is focused on monitoring energy usage.

By introducing MeasureMyEnergy into your business it can do the monitoring for you. With the information displayed clearly and our powerful analytics, MeasureMyEnergy will highlight areas or appliances that are using the most energy.

It can also be set to warn you if any of your freezers or refrigeration units use more power than they normally do. This alert could be a sign that someone has left the door open or that the unit is developing a fault. Early warnings of this can be used to avoid costly replacements and spoiled goods that could have a significant impact on your business.

Our optional monitors can also be used to monitor gas usage, water usage, water purity and PH levels, Co2 and air quality and temperatures. All of these are delivered in real time and viewable immediately on our cloud based platform. This gives restaurant owners extra control on their quality by giving them visibility on resources.


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  • Maintenance alerts - Our real time alerts can be set to warn you when equipment starts to behave unexpectedly. With advanced notification hardware failures can be avoided.

  • To the minute energy usage – Clear visibility into what is using energy in your business. Set out of hour working to see at a glance what is wasting energy when you are closed.

  • Operational savings – By knowing what is using energy and when means you can make an environmental plan to replace energy thirsty lighting and clearly see the before and after effects.

  • Detailed reporting – Using MeasureMyEnergy reports can be used as evidence for achieving ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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“Using MeasureMyEnergy has not only helped to prove the savings we were aiming to achieve, but has also highlighted other areas of potential savings.”

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