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Without itemisation many companies are wasting over 30% on unnecessary energy usage. For Retailers, this is compounded by the challenge of needing to remotely manage many stores across the country – or even the world.

MeasureMyEnergy can successfully engage your Store Teams in better management of their energy use, reducing costs, environmental impact and operational efficiency.

Retail venues have a lot of energy requirements and energy using assets. With MeasureMyEnergy you will have the information you need to see when and which appliances are using energy and if you are wasting energy. Is the air-conditioning being left on while doors are open? Or is your heating being left on over night? Changing behaviour on things like this can save a lot of money but it’s the knowing when and where that is required to optimise savings.

Maintenance is also a vital aspect of ensuring that your retail outlet runs smoothly and with minimal disruption to your customers. With something like a refrigeration unit, this could happen due to someone leaving the door open or it could be that a faulty thermostat is causing it to stay on constantly and use significantly more power.

An alert via sms, email or fed directly into your maintenance management software could avoid issues of wasted produce, reducing energy usage and potentially making the maintenance required less costly as parts could be ordered before a full breakdown.

For retailers that are looking to implement an environmental strategy, deploying MeasureMyEnergy will give them base data to measure the effectiveness of their strategies. Clearly measure the affect of your strategies on your energy usage so you can calculate accurately when you will get a Return on Investment. This is exactly what Samsonite did at their Flagship Milan store. Read more about that here…


  • Maintenance alerts - Our real time alerts can be set to warn you when equipment starts to behave unexpectedly. With advanced notification hardware failures can be avoided.

  • To the minute energy usage – Clear visibility into what is using energy in your business. Set out of hour working to see at a glance what is wasting energy when you are closed.

  • Operational savings – By knowing what is using energy and when means you can make an environmental plan to replace energy thirsty lighting and clearly see the before and after effects.

  • Detailed reporting – Using MeasureMyEnergy reports can be used as evidence for achieving ISO 50001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

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“Working alongside MeasureMyEnergy helped Samsonite to improve the indoor lighting environment and the energy performance of the shop, reducing the costs and the maximum demand by 30%.”

Dario Pizzarelli, Energy Management Consultant, UPL.









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