Detailed insight doesn't need to be complex

Gain visibility of your energy consumption, presented simply

We provide unparalleled insight in to how your business is consuming energy

Having this level of visibility allows businesses to discover power hungry assets and circuits within your estate, enabling you to identify when equipment is operating needlessly and identify when critical assets are in need of maintenance.
This detail alone has been proven to result in cost reductions of up to 40%.

Real-Time Intelligence

Our Global Energy Management (GEM) Platform let’s you easily monitor your utility usage in real-time. Capturing data every six seconds ensures you never miss a thing.
You need to know what’s happening now, to enable you to action it immediately. Tomorrow really is too late.


Real-time monitoring

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Live Alerts

There are countless situations where an energy alert could save your business time, money and reputation. Opt for consumption or event-based alerts that will come to you via email, SMS or automatic integration into your job queue management system.


With MeasureMyEnergy, you’ll always be ahead of the game.

 Remind Me alerts 

In the cloud...

Anytime, anywhere.

Our Global Energy Management Platform lets you easily monitor your utility usage in real time. Across as many locations as you need, for as many users as you wish to allocate.
You can’t manage what you can’t measure and we display your utility usage in a clear and easy to read format. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. You are able to drill down to gain clear visibility from overview to detail in 3 clicks.
And because it’s cloud based, you can measure your energy at any time, any place

  Any Location

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Save Money

Our platform shows you when and where you are spending money on energy. And how to save it. This can be as detailed as you need – even drilling down to look at specific circuit groups, or appliances, and compare historical periods. You’ll then be able to optimise your energy usage from this. Many customers see a return on their investment within just a few months.


 Return on Investment





The devil is in the detail.


You’ll see an itemised bill that is not dissimilar to the one from your current energy supplier. Then on top of this a detailed report will analyse the data to tell you when you might be wasting and where. This breakdown can be as detailed as you want – you can even look at specific circuit groups and compare historical periods. You’ll be able to optimise your energy usage from this. It goes without saying that we will help you to comply with CRC and ESOS and will therefore improve your public image and carbon footprint.
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Maximise your generation

Adopting renewable power generation within your business?
Gaining visibility into how much you are producing and when, is vital to ensure effective allocation of this energy to maximise operational efficiency.

Across all your sites worldwide.

Our platform has been optimized to enable companies with a global reach to be able to manage all of their sites from a single login. Monitor you energy usage from anywhere in the world in real time. Giving you the power to manage your business energy usage from anywhere in the world.





International Business?

We currently support 30 languages and 10 currencies making it easy for you to switch between these if you run a multi-national business.
We support local time zones too which means your data is logged against local time but is viewable from anywhere. Our Multi-site management tool means you can view and manage all of your sites via one single login too.
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Key Benefits


Real-time Data

Know what is happening now, as tomorrow is too late.


Alert your staff that devices are running needlessly or are in need of maintenance.

Any Location

Manage your energy using our cloud platform, anywhere in the world.
save money

Save Money

Save up to 40% by using energy efficiently. Reduce your waste.

Detailed Reporting

Analyse where you're spending, compare historical periods and report on usage for compliance.
global reach

All sites, worldwide

One platform with global reach to to manage all of your sites from a single login.

Ready to go?

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“Using the MeasureMyEnergy system has identified areas where our BMS wasn’t working as it should and highlighted plant equipment that was beginning to fail.  I believe it to be a great asset to reducing energy and I would thoroughly endorse its use in any commercial property.”

Elliott Porter, Chief Engineer, Hilton London Gatwick

“The data has allowed us to validate our investment in clean energy technology, review our CO2 reduction programme and manage our energy in terms of consumption, identifying inefficiencies and delivering cost savings”

Maintenance Manager, Rutland Plastics

“Working alongside MeasureMyEnergy helped Samsonite to improve the indoor lighting environment and the energy performance of the shop, reducing the costs and the maximum demand by 30%.”

Dario Pizzarelli, Energy Management Consultant, UPL.

“The circuit level monitoring enables us to look into detail over individual rooms as well as common areas. Being able to double the living capacity without affecting the billed cost has been fantastic for us. Gaining engagement from the students will help us to further drive down these costs”

Gavin Bateman, Maintenance Manager, Churchill College in the University of Cambridge






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